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American 0 FPS member[]

Refrigerator: GE Profile

Location: Chicago

Dream Job: Lori Jr.

Notable Works: None

Current Projects:

Directus: Autumnal Central European/French build based off map of Wilmington DE. Status: map selected, starting work on the old town layout.

Dusable: Chicago/New Orleans inspired Status: Map selected, CBD layout complete, planning other transit, shelved for Directus project

Hiawatha: Rural Illinois Status: Shelved for lack of interest…

San Salvacion: Mediterranean/Venice/Spain inspired Status: Shelved for Directus project

Biography: (TL:DR: I like city building games)[]

Born before dawn on a humid July day to unknown parents, CoopDeville grew up in the once rural outskirts of Chicago. City building was in CoopDeville’s blood. As a young lad with no access to computers, CoopDeville created cities in the backyard of his parents’ house using rocks and sticks while relying on the weather for filling waterfronts. His world forever changed when he turned 7 and the family acquired a computer with the original Sim City installed. From there CoopDeville fell deep into the genre and taking the occasional break to play RTS and racing games. Several years passed and eventually the fabled Sim City 4 was created and the community of Simtropolis was discovered. Never again would CoopDeville play a vanilla city builder. By this time, Coop was on his was to college in a far flung agricultural wasteland in Illinois. He was able to survive the horrid winters and mind numbingly boring summers by playing Cities XL and the reliant Sim City 4. Just as these college years drew to a close whispers of a industry changing Sim City 2013 reached Coop’s ears and excitement overcame him. While still a poor college kid, he set aside extra tip money to preorder the Deluxe version to build marvelous 3D European cities and enjoy multiplayer with friends and strangers alike. The true Golden Age of city building games felt like it was coming. Prepared with copious amounts of junk food and alcohol Coop and his roommates cut class the day of the release to do nothing but create the perfect region of cities in the virtual world; however darkness descended upon him and his companions. The servers crashed and the game was unplayable. After painful hours of frustration they were finally able to play what would become the most underwhelming and disappointing city builder of their lives. The world was over and the classic city builders didn’t hold Coop’s interest any longer… this began the dark years where Coop graduated, got a real job, and started his adult life. Records of this period are largely unverified and are rather unclear until 2020 when he discovered Cities Skylines during paternity leave and needed something to do while his wife and child slept.